Translate your marketing material and gain access to a worldwide audience

Research indicates that people tend to do more business with companies who speak their own language.  Translating your marketing material or website is vital when entering global markets and targeting different language groups.

Businesses that translate marketing material gain instant access to a worldwide audience and a potentially huge market.

Identifying Which Languages You Need?

The first thing you need to consider is who your messages are targeting. If you are selling online, it’s important to sell to your clients in their native language, because many buyers will only want to purchase products in their native language.

If translating into 10 different languages is not within your budget, start with the languages of your main target audience.

Finding Good Translation Services

We recommend using professional translation services whenever possible.  Machine translation often results in incorrect and poorly translated content.   It is important to take the time and invest the money in excellent, quality translations from a native speaker in the target language.  Once the translation has been completed it must also be proofread to ensure there are no errors.

What to consider when translating marketing material

Idioms and humour – While the language can be translated the ideas themselves will need a different translation. The transcreation process will take on board cultural considerations, the result may look different but it will say the same thing to the audience and consider the cultural sensitivities.

Graphics – The choice of images and colours plays a key role in defining the brand identity.  Just as words can have different meanings the same applies to images that may be acceptable in one market but offensive in another market.

Cutltural differences – Everything from traditions, religions and cultural beliefs all need to be carefully considered when translating your marketing content.

At DS5 Translations we take all of these into account and will ensure your content will be localised to reflect the culture and stylistic preferences of your audience to convey the correct message.

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