Product Packaging and Label Translation Services

Are you launching a product to an international market?  We regularly provide multilingual product label and packaging translation and design in over 200 languages.

We provide a complete service from the localisation and translation of your copy to the design, typesetting and delivery of your print ready PDF and artwork files.

Your copy will be localised and translated and then proofread by a second translator who will check the translation.  Once the translation is finalised it is typeset into the design files.  The typeset files are always reviewed by the translator prior to delivery of the project to ensure no errors occured in this process.

Typesetting your labels and packaging

We perform our typesetting in-house by specialist expert typesetters, this enables us provide a fast and reliable service to our clients. We ensure your translated media has a professional presentation in any language.

Some languages such as Arabic, Japanese and Chinese have different formatting rules.  For example Arabic copy flows from right to left which requires an indepth knowledge of Arabic typesetting.

We work with all leading DTP applications including Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Quark.

We regularly provide product label and packaging translations to a variety of industries including cosmetic, food and beverage, medical and technology industries.