What services does your translation company provide?

DS5 Translations offer a comprehensive range of language solutions including the translation of legal documents, medical, technical, agriculture documents, certificates and more.

We provide translation services, interpreting services, script transcription, multilingual typesetting, subtitling, audio translation, video translation and more.

We also provide certified translations by NAATI certified translators for legal documents and official documents including birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates and migration documents.

Which languages does your company translate into?

We can translate into and from over 200 languages including Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, German, Indonesian, Greek, Latin, Russian, Vietnamese and Japanese.  Please visit our languages page for a comprehensive list of languages we translate.

Will my documents be treated with confidentiality?

All of our translators and interpreters are contractually bound to maintain strict confidentiality when working on projects.  If you have a confidentiality agreement you require to be signed, we are more than happy to execute that.

How long will it take to translate my documents?

For most small jobs our standard turnaround is 2-3 business day.  We also provide an express service for urgent translation requirements. For larger jobs the turnaround can depend on a number of factors including language and number of words.

What types of document formats are you able to translate?

We work with Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint files and PDF files. We also work with InDesign and Illustrator files at an additional cost using our multilingual typesetting service.

Can I use free translation software?

Using translation software your message will not be conveyed to your audience correctly due to grammatical and context errors using translation software.  Even the best translation software cannot pick up the idiosyncrasies of language and cultural context.

Using DS5 Translations we will take care of the translation process from the actual translation, proofreading of that translation and typesetting into your design files.

How can I translate my certificate?

You will require a NAATI certified translation of your certificate translated by a NAATI accredited translator. You can send in your request through our online form or you can email your documents to and we will reply with your free quote.

Where are your offices located?

Our office is based on the Sunshine Coast Queensland but we provide translation and interpreting services throughout Australia including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

How much will my translation cost?

A NAATI Certified translation extract translation of a certificate starts from $69 + GST.

Translation charges for larger documents are charged on a per word basis with the rate being different for different languages. We cannot charge on a per-page basis as there are inconsistencies in the number of words per page from one document to another. Different fonts, point size and margins will all change the word count.

How do you guarantee quality?

We have a database of certified and non certified translators who have been through a rigorous selection process. Each project will have a dedicated Project Manager and depending on the document will be translated and proofread, if you require typesetting the document is also proofread again to ensure no errors occurred in this process.