The New NAATI Certification system

Improvements to NAATI Testing (INT)

From January 2018 NAATI will introduce a new certification system for translators and interpreters. NAATI certification will become the industry standard for working in the profession.  Once the new NAATI certification system is implemented the current system of accreditations and recognitions will cease.

The core objectives of the INT Project is to improve the integrity and efficiency of the NAATI certification system.  They aim to do this by:

  • Establishing transparent and reliable criteria for awarding certifications
  • Applying rigorous and consistent processes
  • Making better use of technology
  • Improving the validity, reliability and practicality of assessments


  • NAATI is introducing minimum training requirements before being eligible for certification.
  • Strengthening the role formal translating or interpreting qualifications play in the system (particularly at higher levels)
  • Introduction of health and legal interpreting certifications
  • Certification tests consider a much broader range of knowledge and skills


All translators and interpreters will be required to meet the new certification process and NAATI is waiving fees until mid 2018 to encourage them to translation from the old accreditation system.  For those who do not transition, NAATI will not cancel their accreditation, they can continue to practise but need to keep in mind the old accreditations will eventually become less recognised.

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