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“The Company” is DS5 Translations registered in Australia under ABN 13 583 873 113. Our registered office is PO Box 712, Coolum Beach QLD 4573.

“The Client’ refers to the individual or company requesting the Companies services.

“The Translator” refers to the individual providing the translation as per the instructions of the Company.

“Translate”, “Translated” and “Translation” are defined as rendering information in the Source Language into the Target Language in written form.

A “Translator” is defined as a person who translates the source document.

“Source Text” is defined as any document, material, elements of text, images, photographs, graphics or other forms of data, which is to be Translated.

“Source Language” is the language in which the Source Text is written.

“Target Language” is defined as the language into which the Source Text is rendered.

“Translation Services” is defined as the act of Translation the Company provides to the Client with the assumption that Completed Work shall be delivered completed to the Client.

“Purchase Order” is defined as a written confirmation generated by the Client, in writing, requesting the Company to perform Translation Services and to deliver Completed Work to the Client.

“Order” is defined as a confirmed request to the Client from the Company to perform Translation Services for the Client in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Description of Service

DS5 Translations services are provided via the Internet and/or as otherwise specific. The Company makes no guarantee of availability and will not be held responsible for data loss or interruption of service of any kind.


Upon the request of the Client, a fixed-price quotation (including GST if applicable) will be supplied by the Design Studio 5 via email in PDF format and shall remain valid for 30 calendar days from the date of issue. Different types of quotes may be used depending on the circumstances.

Ds5 Translations reserves the right to revise the quote if changes to the source text, source material, details or instructions are made by the client after the initial quote request.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

DS5 Translations reserves the right to withdraw any quotation at any time for any reason provided DS5 Translations has not accepted a valid purchase order from the Client.

Pricing + Payment

Orders from new customers must be prepaid in full. Upon approval of credit, payment terms will be set at net 7 days from the date of the invoice.

DS5 Translations charges and receives payment in $ AUD.

All prices quoted incur GST

All orders are subject to a minimum charge of $65.00 + GST.

We quote and charge on a per word basis unless otherwise agreed by both parties in writing.

The Client is responsible for all costs incurred by DS5 Translations for securing bad debts, including collection agencies, bailiff and court costs, and attorney fees. We reserve the right to withhold services to customers with an overdue balance.

Acceptance of an order

An Order from the Client will be deemed accepted and valid by DS5 Translations and therefore legally binding, once we have received a Purchase Order or equivalent communication from the Client, in writing, or written confirmation of receipt of payment.

Once an Order has been agreed and accepted by both parties, any requests for amendments to the Source Text, Source Material, word count, details or instructions of the Order from the Client, may, require a revision of the Order and an amended price.

The Company shall not be bound in accordance with the Terms and Conditions to accept amendments from the Client to the Order once the Order has been accepted but may accept to do so on a discretionary basis.

Copyright in source material + translation rights

DS5 Translations accepts an order from the Client on the understanding that the translation will not infringe any third party rights. The Client undertakes to keep us and the Translator harmless from any claim for infringement of copyright and/or other intellectual property rights in all cases.

Cancellation + Refunds

If a translation task is commissioned and subsequently cancelled or changed in scope, the Client shall pay the full contract sum, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

A refund may be given if the client cancels an order before the Translator has started the translation.

A partial refund may be given if the Client cancels an order after the translation has already been started.

Delivery of the Translation

It is the responsibility of the Client to provide all required information, spellings, photos or scans of the document needed for the translation, as requested by DS5 Translations.

The expected turnaround time (in business days) will be stated in the quote, but in the event of delay due to unforeseen circumstances, DS5 Translations will inform the client of the delay.

We will not be held liable for any delay resulting from delay or lack of response from the Client.

Special requests regarding the translation of names or other terms will be considered, but DS5 Translations does not guarantee that they will be implemented. Any such special requests, including requests for amendments to the translation, will be implemented within the legal obligations of the NAATI Code of Ethics and AUSIT code of ethics.

Late Delivery

DS5 Translations will do their best to deliver the Client’s translation on time. In case of an unforeseen delay, we will advise the Client of the delay as early as possible. Late delivery does not entitle the Client to a cancellation. A 10% refund may be considered for late delivery.

Dispute Resolution

DS5 Translations will do their best to deliver a high-quality translation. Should the Client not be satisfied with the work, then the Client is to advise DS5 Translations within 30 calendar days so that the errors can be rectified by means of amendments. Such change requests and quality concerns do not entitle the Client to a cancellation or a discount.

We shall not be liable for errors, omissions or illegible text in the Client’s Source Text, Source Material or any other communication from the Client.

DS5 Translations shall not be liable to amend any completed work for any alleged errors which are subjective or preferential words or terms.

DS5 Translations shall not be liable to amend completed work, if the thirty-day calendar period has passed. In such cases, additional amendments to the completed work, requested in writing by the Client, shall be on a chargeable basis and at the discretion of the Company.


Full details of the Company’s Privacy Policy are available on our website.