Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese

About 40 years ago the People’s Republic of China’s new government decided to simplify the written Chinese language.  Thus two different versions of written Chinese were created – Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Simplified Chinese is a version of Traditional Chinese with simpler characters.

Deciding whether you require your translation to be in Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese depends on your target audience. Simplified Chinese is used in Mainland China and Singapore while Traditional Chinese is used if you are targeting Hong Kong, Taiwan or Malaysia.

Mandarin and Cantonese are the two most commonly spoken Chinese dialects, although when it comes to writing you need to distinguish between Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Not everybody who speaks Mandarin writes in Simplified Chinese and not everybody who speaks Cantonese writes in Traditional Chinese.

In Mainland Chinese and Singapore Mandarin is the spoken language and Simplified Chinese is used, in Hong Kong Cantonese is spoken and Traditional Chinese is used but in Taiwan Mandarin is spoken and they use Traditional Chinese.

When it comes to your next Chinese translation project it comes down to the geographic location of your target audience to know if you require Simplified or Traditional Chinese.

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