Our certified translations are highly regarded by government officials in Australia.

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Do you require a certified NAATI Translation of your document?

NAATI is the National Authority for Translators and Interpreters in Australia. Only a NAATI accredited translator is able to issue NAATI certified translations.

DS5 Translation Services we are Australia’s leading NAATI certified translation service. We provide a professional and accurate certified NAATI translations in over 200 languages on documents such as certificates, legal and medical documents.

Our certified translations are highly regarded by government officials in Australia and also includes the NAATI stamp, signature and certification statement of the certified NAATI translator.

What is a certified NAATI Translation?

A certified NAATI translation is a translation whose accuracy with regard to the original content has been certified by a NAATI approved translator.  NAATI is the National Accreditation Authority of Translators and Interpreters in Australia.

When do I need a Certified Translation?

Easy 4 Step Process For Your Translation

  • Scan your documents

    Scan your documents or take a photo.  We do not require the original to complete the translation.

  • Upload your files or email us

    Upload the documents using our quote form on our website or email the documents to admin@ds5translations.com.au

  • Accept the quote and pay for your translation

    We will email you a quote, if you accept the quote you can pay securely using credit card or by direct transfer.

  • The translation will get underway

    We will send you a copy of your translation to approve by email, once approved we will send the certified hard copy to you by post.


For more information on our certified translation service or for a free quote on the certified translation of your document you can email a copy of the document to admin@ds5translations.com.au or complete the form below.  Alternatively you can call us on 1300 244 148.


What is the difference between certified NAATI translations and regular translations?

Certified and non-certified translations in fact go through the quality assurance procedures.  Therefore a certified translation does not affect the quality and accuracy of the translation. Certified NAATI translations are usually required for immigration and Visa applications and legal documents.

Do I require a hard copy of my translation?

To have any legal value the source document and also the translation must be in hard copy format.  The certified NAATI translator must also stamp and sign all pages of the translation.

Do I require an apostille when translating into a foreign language?

For certified translations going into a foreign language that need to be legalised in a foreign country you may also require an Apostille.  You will need to check with the relevant Embassy or Consulate. DS5 Translations will translate this Apostille with the documents.

How much will my certified translation cost?

The cost for a NAATI certified translation of a one page certificate starts from $69.00

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