Chinese Translation Services

Chinese Translation

As Melbourne’s, Sydney’s, Brisbane’s, and wider Australia’s most trusted translation agency, DS5 Translations offers comprehensive Chinese translator services in a variety of specialised fields including technical, legal, scientific, marketing, business and medical.

We also provide Chinese typesetting services for brochures, PowerPoint presentations, and all marketing material.

A dedicated Project Manager is always assigned to our clients, who will ensure your deadlines are met and a qualified translator in your industry carries out your services.

We provide the following:

  • Technical translations
  • Business translations
  • Legal translation
  • Medical translations
  • Marketing translations
  • Certificates and Immigration translations


Our certified Chinese translation service also provides certified translations of legal and immigration documents.

Experienced Chinese Translators

All our translators are highly qualified and translate both Chinese to English and English to Chinese. We assign projects to our translators according to certain factors including certification and their area of expertise. This is so our extensive services can be delivered to our clients in a fast and effective manner.

Chinese translator services

Chinese Multilingual Typesetting

We are the experts in InDesign translations and can provide multilingual typesetting that is easy and cost effective.  You provide us with the InDesign files and we will return your translated design files with the same format as your original.

English to Chinese translation results in less space required for characters. While a Chinese to English translation will result in more space being required for the English text.

Do you need Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese?

About 40 years ago the People’s Republic of China’s new government decided to simplify the written Chinese language.  Thus two different versions of written Chinese were created – Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Simplified Chinese is mainly used in Mainland China and Singapore while Traditional Chinese is used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.  The two dialects are known as Cantonese for Traditional Chinese and Mandarin for Simplified Chinese.  We can provide both a Mandarin translator and Cantonese translator for your Chinese translation.

Our Chinese translation services include

We translate English to Chinese and Chinese to English

Document Translation

We provide document translation services in both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Our linguists translate English to Chinese and Chinese to English in all fields including medical, legal, certified, financial, technical, government, marketing, and general document translation.

Legal Translation

Our network of highly experienced legal translators can translate documents including contracts, tenders, legal documents and more.  Our legal services provide fast + accurate translation of all legal documents including NAATI certified legal translations.

NAATI Certified Translation

Our NAATI certified translators Chinese certificates and documents usually required for legal and immigration documents.  Our certified translations services provide certified translations that are highly regarded by government officials.

Business Translation

Whether you need to translate corporate presentations, business documents, business cards or a website our business services will ensure your Chinese translation is accurate and delivered on time. We provide Simplified (Mandarin) Translators and Traditional (Cantonese) Translators.


If you are looking for a Chinese translator to translate your documents to Chinese contact us for your free quote and we will get back to you.